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arctg asked: oh my god i hope i wont come off as creepy BECAUSE OMG YOU COSPLAYED MY LADY RODDY and and YOUR FRIEND COSPLAYED MY HUMAN DRIFT and i saw pics on my dash from tfcon and then i went to your blog and saw that you had more pics of those cosplays and OMG THEY LOOK AMAZING is it okay if Ill reblog them to my art blog and spread the awesomeness? ;u;

Gosh, I’m so sorry it took me so long to get back to you on this! I was really sick after TFCon and just haven’t really been on my computer too much since…..this got completely lost in my emails! I’m notoriously bad about checking umber nowadays.
I would BEYOND okay with you rebogging them!! Your designs were a BIG inspiration for us…they were actually what convinced us to try and cosplay humanformers in the first place (we’ve quite a large group now too haha). That you’re excited about images me so happy!!

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flopinator-deactivated20140622 asked: I love your art style! It's gorgeous! I hope you have a rad day! c;

Thank you so much!! :3
You have a rad day too!

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I was trying to think of a proper religious analogy for what Sam would be in this whole deal considering she is like THE ORIGINAL ROBOT LORD but not necessarily for transformers just. Robots in general. But all I could come up with is that I”m like a Daedric prince and she’s Sithis. The void. Cold and mysterious and without form. 

Pyro is the instigator of my fall from non-robot heaven. 

Anna, this is the nicest thing anyone has ever said about me.

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I only make horrible things.

Here is a horrible short comic based on real things. (the more you know about Lolita/Tokitae and Hugo the more sense this will make.) 

Tokitae still lives in a ridiculous shit tank that small, by the way.

I admittedly don’t know the circumstances of Hugo’s actual demise (I couldn’t find anything about the event itself.) But factually: he did die of a brain bleed, and he was known for bashing his head on the walls. Probably related.

Because happy animals habitually bash their head into concrete walls for fun, right?

The truth of the matter is: these two huge animals were put in a relative goldfish bowl to jump around for human amusement. How do you think they felt about that? 

They can’t possibly have any real concept of what’s going, or gone, on. How would they? 

Please don’t support marine circuses, and definitely don’t support the shithole MSQ. (There is absolutely nothing anyone can do to improve my opinion of that place.)

Powerful stuff. I’d say Hugo’s head bashing was the probable cause of his death, since he hit the tank walls hard enough to break through them at one point. There’s no way he was just fine and dandy after doing that to himself.

oh my god

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Anonymous asked: I feel that the media stereotype given to us by IDW & Hasbro for their female coded alien machines is kind of uncreative and borderline offensive. I certainly can't see any of myself in them, nor can I see anyone I know who identifies as female in them. That said, I was wondering, as long as I gave credit, would it be alright for me to draw your designs instead of the canon interpretation? I've been planning redesigns of my own, but yours are far better than anything I could have come up with.

Yeah, I mean, there ARE women who identify with that type of character, but there’s a lot of ignoring happening to women who don’t.  Some women look masculine in real life….that’s a thing (although even me using the term masculine, proves how coded we are to think of things that way because obviously, a woman is a woman as long as that’s what she says…nothing else matters). that exists.  So when people harp on the designs and say they don’t look like women, I’m kind of sad.  I’m sad on behalf of my friends and family who are broad chested or flat-chested or have no butt to speak of.  They are still women.  It makes me sad that having more of a jaw or angular cheekbones get dismissed as male, because they don’t conform to the idea that women have round faces and small chins.  I don’t have that type of face…lots of people don’t!

But you get that, so sorry to drone on!

If you want to draw these designs, please do!  These were just quick, fanart and I’m really glad you like them enough to want to draw them yourself!  If you want to, I’d love to see anything you draw (my designs or if you come up with your own!!)


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Anonymous asked: (cont)I would like to see characters you talk about, males with femail traits and vise versa but right now we have a lot of obviously male characters and I'd take all female-coded characters I can get. Because yes, I'm a girl, with curves and full lips and hips and I loved new TF ladies as they are. You talk about problems that don't suit this particular canon. Can we first get female-looking characters in the main cast at least and then complain about how similar they look?

Thanks for taking the time to message me directly, I always appreciate that if only for the opportunity to talk with people more directly!

The thing about redesigning Windblade to be less offensive was actually referring to Windblade’s cultural elements.  I may have been unclear about that in my original post…I wasn’t trying to describe her gendered traits as offensive, but her misplaced kabuki elements.  (I’m leaving that aside for now because it’s a whole other topic that requires a fair bit of separate discussion!)

I didn’t necessarily want the designs to look male, but unfortunately, a lot of times, if things aren’t overtly female they are just read as male in our culture.  I also probably have a pretty ‘masculine’ face-drawing style, so that’s my fault.  I’m not a professional character designer, so i acknowledge that certain elements could have been handed more delicately!

These designs are just three examples….they aren’t meant to replace all the more traditionally female looking characters (or any, because realistically, all four fem bots in IDW are already designed and in print as what they are) just to show that something outside that norm is conceivable.  As I mentioned to a previous PM, I have friends and family with these types of bodies.  It’s really good to have women with curves and full lips in media….but they are not the ONLY type of women.  To say that all women should be that particular type is kind of erasing all the women who have no breasts and straight figures, and strong jaws and thin lips.  Women who exist and don’t ever get to see themselves in media.  Adding different women isn’t saying we should get rid of curvy, sexy women.  We should have both!

Representation is about more than just raw visibility…women have always been present in media…just….only in one or two shapes, and with little focus on anything other than their gender.  It’s not enough to say let’s get women in the comics first and worry about their presentation later.  That’s only a baby step away from let’s get bad stereotypes in first….we’ll worry about turning them into real characters later.  We should aim for good representation from day one.  Right now we are four for four that the fembots in IDW all have the same body type.  Indicators are not strong for that changing.  If if was one or two ladies with all the traditional markers of a woman, and maybe two OTHER types of women, things would be better….but that’s not the case.

I am really happy that you like representation of the fembots in IDW, and that you’re glad to see your type of body on those characters….but what about all the women who don’t have any of those traits?  They get shit in real life for not conforming to the media’s idea of what women are supposed to look like, (we all do; you, me, my roommate etc.) let’s not encourage that attitude to continue when we don’t have to.

Thanks again, and take care!

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whatisthisidont-even asked: Okay first off i need to point out that u adore your art on a technical level. BUT and i'm sure you saw this coming your TF redesigns even with the human sketches still look like males. Even with the human traces beside them. "Male" isn't neutral it's a gender too and with your human traces i cover of their breasts and they look like men too. It's legitimately upsetting to me. It feels like you're taking away the few female characters we have.

Firstly, thank you for your kind words about my art!  As for the reading them as men….I’m sorry you feel that way.  I definitely understand that some people read their faces as a little masculine…I have a pretty harsh, angular drawing style that’s been getting kind of thrown back at me for this particular issues, but that’s okay…my failing!  I think it’s too bad people see the body-types as male though….I actually know people with these body types.  My roommate of nearly four years has a build not unlike the ones I used…broad shoulders and chest, very small breasts, slim hips.  People DO read her as male or female in equal part (she’s cool with this….encourages it really).  I have relatives who are dancers who are small, stocky, muscular as hell with no breasts to speak of.  I have a mother who underwent mastectomy this year.  To say that these body types don’t exist on women, or look like men when you take away the breasts is a little disheartening…I understand  what you mean, but these types of women are real…they just aren’t the ONLY type of woman.  This is a very small sampling!  Breasts don’t define a woman.  I’m not trying to say that we shouldn’t have female characters who are curvy or have breasts of all shapes and sizes…just that they shouldn’t be the only characters we present.  My three designs are all leaning away from that type just as examples of how characters can be women without those features!  I wasn’t trying to insinuate that this is how all fem characters should look or be dismissive of more traditionally fem characters, and I’m sincerely sorry that got a little lost in translation!  I hope that makes sense….