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No matter how much I may-or-may-not end up enjoying the new Batman when I finally get to see it, I’m still still right pissed that they cast lilly-white-as-the-driven-snow-Britlander Tom Hardy for Bane.

As a Latino myself, I’ll say this, there are lilly-white-as-the-driven-snow Latinos. I’m dark as my native islander genes are strong, but my grandfather was whiter than most white people and had bright blue eyes. The same goes for my maternal great grandfather.

Don’t forget that Latino’s have strong Spaniard roots due to them having trouble keeping it in their pants.

And while yes, they could and should have cast somebody of Latin descent, rather than a Brit (not like people haven’t done this before, such as casting a Jewish man to play the Spaniard in a Princess bride or all the Brits they cast to play Romans when they could just as easily cast Italian and Greek actors), complaining about the casting based only on skin color is rather ignorant on Latin culture.

Of course I know there are pale Latinos, there are pale people of just about  every race out there, there are also darker white people. But this isn’t like the people who were complaining that the metis boy who played Aang in the last airbender looked too much like a white person (Metis people being pretty underrepresented in the media as well), this pretty much the exact definition of whitewashing a character. I didn’t say “I’m disappointed the actor for Bane had a melanin deficiency”, I said “I’m angry they made a character who was Latino in the source material into a white and British guy.” It was a big blockbuster role that could have gone to an underrepresented group, and instead Nolan gave it to another one of his white British BFFs. Not unlike when he did the exact same thing to Ra’s Al Ghul by flipping him from Arab warlord to Irish ninja. Are there European looking Middle Easterners out there? Yes! Does that make it okay to give Liam Neeson the role and erase any kind of connection to the middle East he might have (besides the Arabic name they didn’t pronounce right)? Neeson’s a great actor and all, but not Really, no.

I’m not really sure why you’re further defending it by saying “other movies do it”, because that just proves that yeah, it’s a pretty pervasive problem in Hollywood. I can say that I for one have been involved in some pretty drawn-out discussions over where this Western Media idea that all Grecians were the most Anglo Saxon lookin’ individuals on the planet came from (we ended up settling on the idea that it must have had something to do with Shakespeare).

There is no lack of WASPy guys running around in movies, they don’t really need help being hammered into even more roles.

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    In which Bane breaks a bunch of Amon’s henchmen.
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    Bane is a Latino character, always has been, even in the Clooney version of Batman they maintained his Hispanic...
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    Maaaannnnnn….. I fucking love Bane.
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    I’d also like to correct something here. Latino is not a race, it is a linguistic and, often, cultural designation. It’s...
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    Well, to be fair, Bane’s dad was a white-as-hell British guy. I mean, yeah, that excuse is really weak, but I’m just...