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I’m so happy with this

Wow can I just -

This was during Buckley’s funeral which kicked off this whole existential storyline with Luanne about surviving and transcending your childhood and upbringing with the choices you make in adulthood. 

King of the Hill is thematically about a lot of things, specific things for each specific character.

But Hank’s arc, the main arc, is actually not that clear until very late in the show, and then once you see it you realize it’s been there all along. The first time it was directly addressed was also in this episode.

Hank Hill’s arc is that he’s afraid he’ll die and leave behind nothing. It’s not just that he can’t bond with Bobby and that he’s worried Bobby will be a nerd. It’s that Bobby is his only son and he’s incapable of ever having another child and he’s sad that he and Bobby don’t get along because he had such a horrible relationship with his own father and he never wanted to have that same kind of estranged relationship with his own son.

Anyway in this episode Hank’s fear of his own mortality became so intense that he couldn’t enjoy the thing he loved the most, propane, because he was afraid of it randomly exploding and killing him. Because Buckley died in a propane explosion that Hank was also in. The impact of this speech is basically that it helps Hank relax about his mortality and relationship with Bobby and just live and enjoy his life.

Man it’s just a really good episode.

God also what a great series. The series finale is so perfect. Every single character’s subtle arc is resolved by the final season, and Hank’s isn’t resolved until the final episode. Then the last scene of the show is just a montage of every single character doing or saying a thing indicative of all the growth they’ve gone through over the past 13 seasons and then it ends and it’s perfect.

Perfect show.

Watch the entire series on Netflix.

That was beautiful. This was my favorite set of GIFs I ever made. Ever. 

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