The Science is Impossible

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Hooray!  After some busy periods working on my portfolio, and con-stuff, I  finally got my shit together to open up commissions! 

Prices are above, formated in easy info-graphic format for best consumption.  The basic prices are largely based on one character, no background illustrations (although it is possible to have those things…the sky’s the limit)!

If you’re interested in a commission and/or have questions about pricing/content/whatever-your-heart-desires, you can either message me here on Tumblr (I’ll answer privately unless it’s a general question) or email me at 

I’m happy to answer questions, obligation-free so don’t be shy! :>


When it comes to commissions, even if you’re not interested, reblogging really helps, and in an effort to earn that precious real-estate, I’m willing to offer free doodle sketches of whatever you want (up to two characters) for every person who reblogs. 

You will receive something resembling this ridiculous excuse for art….possibly even with colour and everything!  Horrible?  Yes.  Free?  Also yes! (just message me via tumlbr with what you would like, once you’ve reblogged it)


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