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New year

Reflection upon this year has not been very good - I feel like I really didn’t accomplish much of value this year and that is not a very good feeling. The last quarter of this year has been particularly bad for me, and while I have no illusions about everything suddenly getting better, I can make some good solid plans about good things to do with my time to at least make me feel like a productive human being, because when I am productive other things don’t quite seem so bad.

- Eat less meat
- Use that new gym membership
- Read more books
- Spend less time on the Internet, and use what time i do spend online more constructively.
- Finish more projects
- Get back into some hobbies that I haven’t had time for (once school ends and I can afford to) ie/ the violin, Japanese etc.
- Try and be a better friend/person/ human being

Hopefully this year I can regain some of the focus I seemed travel misplaced this past year.

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This year me and my family went all bananas with gifts, so I received some pretty swell gifts.

-Blade Runner 30th Anniversery Collector’s edition on Bluray…comes with a really cool production booklet.
-The Fly on Bluray
-Some sweet sci fi Books:
The Moon is a Harsh Mistress by Robert Heinlein
Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang by Kate Wilhelmina
2010 by Arthur C. Clarke
-A variety set of green teas and chais
-A very in depth cookbook on Washoku….or very traditional Japanese cuisine. I am extra excited about this because it is one part cookbook and one part thorough reference on Japanese ingredients and cooking methods for them.
-Complete hard bound copy of Hayao Miyazaki’s Nausicaa

Some other miscellaneous things as well. This was all topped off by the fact that for the first time in years I was able to afford the gifts I wanted to get for my family, and it was really nice to see that they liked them. I think the highlight of my Christmas was giving my grandparents a gift box of hard to find candy from the 1940s and watching them root brought the box smiling and sharing memories of how much they lied this candy or that candy when they were young. They were like kids, and it was adorable…I think that’s what it’s all about for me.

I hope all my friends had a wonderful, memory filled holiday for themselves as we’ll!!

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My mom is the best mom and got made my birthday very Mass Effect: she got me both a copy of the ME trilogy (which I STILL haven’t replaced since we were burglarized this past summer) and also a very sweet N7 Tech jacket!! It unfortunately has that problem that things that only come in men’s sizes have though…it fits well from the waist up, but it’s a little small around the hips. I’m debating whether I want to return it or keep it since I’m planning on joining a gym as soon as a get back to get back into shape. It’s VERY close to fitting perfect. Lady hips can be a pain :(

Also went to LUSH today and got this sweet anti-animal testing bag….as well as some testing-free mascara and a bunch of shampoos! I wish I had gone into LUSH sooner….the sign is rather misleading because it says “cosmetics”; I found out from the very helpful employees there today, though, that in their origin of the UK, cosmetics refers more to general care products like soaps and shampoos than to make up as it does in America! Wish I had known….I would have been shopping there for years!!

In related news….I still can’t get used to winter down here….feels like spring still….

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But my point is, I am strongly considering cosplaying Chell this year at PAX East…a con I having been pondering over for months now.  It’s the kind of con I REALLY want to cosplay at, namely because I am not tabelling and want to just enjoy myself.  It’s been ages too since I have done a video game cosplay, and this seems like the perfect place! 

But the hipster in me says no, because it’s a common cosplay, and I really do enjoy cosplaying lesser known things (for a variety of reasons, many of them stemming from the fact that those are the things I like, and also that it’s REALLY rewarding when someone recognizes you and you get to have a great conversation with someone who shares your interest!)

But the rational person in me says yes, because I chiefly like to cosplay things to show my love for them, and not because they are “obscure” (that tends to just be a byproduct).  And since I have been replaying Portal for the first time since 2007, I am remembering first hand how much I love this game…a fact that became a bit obfuscated over the years as I forgot what a great experience that first play was.

And that’s what I like cosplaying….things I love.  So why the fuck not?

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I am already planning this year’s Christmas/end of the semester present to me

One of the things I really want to collect in this world is original comic pages, and it turns out Tom Fowler’s are really reasonable.  And he also happens to be, The Shit.

A little part of me is like, “Don’t be silly, why would you spend money on original art that’s just going to sit there and be useless!”

And then I remember that I am an artist who someday wishes to make a living off of art and I realise that’s the most ridiculous thing I have ever thought to myself.

Also have you seen Tom Fowler’s art??

I mean, come on.

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Four Days to go…

Until New York Comic Con!

I am crazily excited, especially since my friends and I are doing a fuckign sweet group cosplay….and the only more fun than cosplay is agroup cosplay. (it’s also really special because for years and years we’ve wanted to do a group cosplay, but there was just never anything we all liked enough to do together….)

I still have half a Thor costume to do and our lovely Hawkeye is still in need of an updated costume as well.  So much to do, so little time!  Good thing I enjoy this stuff!

I having been obsessively making my itinerary while quietly wondering if it is appropriate to ask artists and writers to sign more than one thing. 

While this isn’t my first con, this is my first comic conand it’s the only con I’ve ever been to where the talent isn’t just x cool video game composer or y awesome voice actor, but a different industry entirely; comics.  Meaning this con will put me in dangerously close proximity to not just awesome people, but awesome people who are the exact individuals i look up to and aspire to be.  There is a huge and terrifying difference between this con and every other one I have been to in the past. 

Luckily there is too much going on right now otherwise I might just sit here and be increasingly absorbed by my anticipation to the point that the excitement congeals within me and I explode.

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Got my wisdom teeth out today - FINALLY.

(seriously, I was first told to get them out about 5 years ago)

So far, it’s not TOO bad.  I mean it’s obviously not comfortable, but it’s managable.  Mostly I miss being able to open my mouth all the way….and also solid food.  Days 2 and 3 are often far worse though, so WE SHALL SEE.

Luckily tevy was a doll and came over and hung out with me all day - she even made me soup and suffered through random bullshit on tv with me. :>

The worst thing is that I really can’t do any of the things I had planned to do during these couple of doped up days because of the theft (things like playing games and watching things on netflix).  I am stuck with nothing but……cable television.
Although I did recieve Vol 2. of Peter David’s Incredible Hulk compilation today, which means I will have some reading material at the very least (even if it means suffering through averyyoung Todd McFarlene’s art in the process).

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